Werner Janse van Rensburg

The visionary leader of Meta is none other than the legend himself. He did Meta in 2005 and soon after joined the team to later become our fearless leader of the institution. Werner enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle and their daughter Lana. Together Werner and Michelle make a formidable team and keep guiding young people on a life changing process. Werner loves peppermint crisp tart and continually reads his all-time favourite books that inspires his leadership.


Michelle Janse van Rensburg

Being the resident psychologist Michelle takes part in the intricate process of student personality analysis, career guidance and coaching. She writes much of the curriculum herself and aids the team casting a practical approach to making this dream happen. She and Werner have run the program for nearly ten years, also enjoying the company of their daughter Lana and Golden Retriever Simba.


Carli Van Zyl

Carli, has been working for Meta the past four years. She has the keen ability to ground the team and build the program from behind the scene as well as in the field. There is no admin, course planning or ledgers she cannot do. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son, as well as pursuing her heart for worship on and off the stage. A book that changed her life, Beautiful Outlaw, stirred her heart of how to serve. Carli is a deeply compassionate person and so loves some brownies along the way!


Marinus Van Den Berg

Marinus is a rock on the team. As depicted in his favourite book, Redeeming Love, he takes charge of everything with a kindred heart in mind. He did Meta in 2009 and has since been married to his wife Anika and recently added to their family with the birth of their son, Sion. Being a strong leader he executes the way for other to follow and enjoys pistachio ice-cream along the way.


Heinrich Van Der Merwe

If we need any innovative ideation and creative conceptualisation, Heinrich takes the charge! His fierce passion for purifying the heart sets a high standard in leadership. Being a Navigator for 3 years has given him an insight for people. He is most certainly the wild card on the team and he is always keen for an adventure. His love and passion for people compels him to serve amongst the leaders that he resides with.


Hein De Beer

Hein is one of our teams’ Navigators and has been on the team for 4 years. He uses his passion for people to fuel this desire to see students grow, this also seen in his favourite book, Fathered by God. He enjoys embarking on adventures as well as learning new styles of music. If you would like to treat him, give him Malva pudding and vanilla ice-cream. He also considers himself quite the coffee connoisseur.


Ide Bekker

Ide has been on the team for two years as a navigator. She has a passion for bringing out the best in others and to see them ignited on the path to authenticity. Ide quite the bookworm and it is certainly the well-rounded event when accompanied with a bowl of custard. She dreams of seeing that all the students find themselves and know what God’s plan is for them.


Waldo Knoesen

Waldo has been across the country before he arrived at Meta. He has been on the team for two years and serves as our technical champion! He enjoys nature and music as well as any new technological trends. His favourite book is Across the Nightingale Floor and he has read it multiple times. His fondest memory of Meta was driving 1700km for a changeroom weekend in the Drakensberg but above all a Pecan Nut Sundae makes him smile from ear to ear.


Ziaane Van Heerden

2018 is his first year on the Meta team. Ziaane is one of the interns and ensures that he lives out his part of his creativity by taking photos of various events. His passion for seeing young people grow is exhibited through in his love for the book How High Will You Climb by John Maxwell. In his down time, you could find him horseback riding or cooking up a delicious meal. Ziaane’s fondest memory of Meta is when he went river rafting with his changeroom, and considers every type of pudding his favourite.


Tiaan Human

This is Tiaan's first year on the team as an intern. He has a passion for leadership and aiding the his generation in their growth. In his down time he plays Ukulele and Guitar as well as spending time with friends and family. A book that changed is life, The Tale of Three Kings, made him realise that fellowship is key to building healthy relationships.


Gert Koekemoer

As this is his first year on the team, Gert enjoys learning new things. Gert is one of the interns and his passion for worship leads him in the development of people. He enjoys a good read and he screams for ice cream! Gert finds himself to want to see each student find their role in God's kingdom and know that they are abundantly loved by the Father.


Danielle Cousins

This is her first year as a Metamorpho intern. She is very excited to see what the Lord has in store! She is lively and optimistic and enjoys Portuguese tarts with cream while she reads. She loves making music and draws with passion as she embraces her creative side. One of her favourite Meta memories was the end-year camp in her Meta year.


Metamorpho is built around the belief of discovering true authenticity. During a one-year process we navigate our students to take charge of their lives and to determine God’s purpose for their life. We have a firm belief in equipping students to have outstanding metacognitive skills and teach them how to utilize their unique gifts to contribute meaningfully to society. We wish to empower people between 18-23 years old to be the next generation of city changers and form part of a 20 year legacy.


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