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Incredible Numbers

Life Changing Camps

Each year the group of students get to attend 6 life changing camps that will transform their lives forever.

Years Of Experience

Metamorpho has been in existence since 1998. With 20 years of experience in helping students navigate their way to their purpose.

Previous Students

Metamorpho has over 1500 alumni who went through our corridors. Their transformed lives speak for themselves.


Melissa Januarie

Melissa Januarie

Former Student

Best year of my life best way of connecting youth to youth and the best way of learning where your strength comes from and from who it comes from and best way of meeting people with the same world view as you...I was a Meta student of 2013 and all I still can say is Thank you to each Leader there yall are the best of the best.

Tiaan Jacobs

Tiaan Jacobs

Former Student

Most amazing year you'll have experienced in your life so far.

Anika Van Den Berg

Anika Van Den Berg

Former Student

Biggest adventure of my life! Highly recommended!

About Us

Metamorpho is built around the belief of discovering true authenticity. During a one-year process we navigate our students to take charge of their lives and to determine God’s purpose for their life. We have a firm belief in equipping students to have outstanding metacognitive skills and teach them how to utilize their unique gifts to contribute meaningfully to society. We wish to empower people between 18-23 years old to be the next generation of city changers and form part of a 20 year legacy.

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